There are different home loan companies and other such players in the real estate market in Houston, just like any other city in the United States. However, some mortgage companies have stood out from the competition due to their excellent service delivery. Their reputation has made them increasingly popular and important in the sector. Some of these companies are briefly highlighted below in no particular order.

1st Texas Mortgage Company

The company is one of the few Houston home lenders that offer a wide range of home loan products, providing borrowers with hundreds of programs for home loans. They have a website and different local offices that attend to the needs of clients in and around Houston. The company’s wide range of home loan products ensures that everyone has something that fits their needs, from first-time homebuyers to experienced investors. The company is particularly known for helping borrowers with lower than average credit.

First-time homebuyers –

The company offers a 100% financing loan products to persons that have less than perfect credit, as well as refinancing loans, debt consolidation loans, home equity loans, and cash out loans.

Short-term loans –

The company also offers fixed loans, construction loans, adjustable loans, no documentation loans, zero point loans, and buy downs loans.

BMC Capital

BMC Capital is another top home loan provider, regarded at some point as the leading provider of home loans in the country, with $500,000 to $10 million apartment building loans, NNN loans, multifamily loan, commercial mortgage loan financing, and 1031 loan. In over a decade, the company was able to fund over 2,000 transactions, resulting in billions of dollars.

BMC specializes in small and medium-sized properties, offering a wide range of services that include real estate advisory and servicing, multifamily loan and NNN loan origination. The company also provides professional services for smaller commercial mortgage financings, especially those that were ignored by other loan providers.

BMC leverages its extensive resources to provide quality loan products to its customers. The company’s funding network includes banks, insurance companies, REITs, Wall Street, conduits, as well as a direct lending division owned by the company.

The company is well-equipped to help with all kinds of loans including commercial, apartment building, and NNC.

City Mortgage

City Mortgage has continued to work in line with its principle of helping people buy refinanced homes with the use of conforming or non-conforming mortgage money for years. The company’s dedication and personal touch have helped people to invest in the real estate market against all odds.

The primary goal of the company is the provision of first-class services, as well as having account representatives who are always accessible to their clients. The company is particularly unique for having Lending Centers that handle every phase of the lending process.

The company like other ones on the list offers a wide range of loan programs and a large lender network. This ensures the company provides its clients with the best possible loan products that suit their needs at competitive rates.

City Mortgage offers conforming, non-conforming as well as government loan programs.

Classic Mortgage Company

Classic Mortgage Company is a privately held Texas Corporation, chartered in September of 1992. The company is located in the heart of Fort Bend County and has continued to stay true to its principles of originating and processing mortgage applications in a timely and accurate manner.

Classic Mortgage Company offers personalized customer service, innovative home loan programs, and competitive interest rates. With a team of knowledgeable and highly-experienced staff, the company is always available to provide answers to the many questions customers have about their loans.

Classic Mortgage Company uses the most advanced technology for processing and closing loans while combining the use of the internet with advanced processing software application and automated underwriting systems.

Cornerstone Mortgage Company

Cornerstone Mortgage Company was founded by its President and CEO, Marc N. Laird in 1968. Headquartered in Houston with branches in Colorado, Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, and Georgia, Cornerstone has been able to extend its services to several regions of the country.

Affiliated with one of the largest bank holding companies in the west of the Mississippi, First National of Nebraska Inc., Cornerstone has positioned itself as one of the most sought-after lending companies in Houston and other parts of the country. The affiliation also gave birth to Cornerstone’s Customer for Life strategy.

The 5 mortgage providers mentioned above are some of the leading lending institutions in Houston.

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