The Mortgage Loan In A Brief – Types Of FHA Loans

There are several types of mortgages.

The mortgage was initially set up to “liquidate a real estate asset”. Clearly, by allowing the mortgage bank or the credit institution to take a guarantee ( mortgage or bank guarantee ) on real estate, you can theoretically have funds freely available. We will see on our website that the reality is nevertheless much more nuanced. 

Our section best home mortgage loans companies: Our solutions gives all the information needed to understand the main types of credits Mortgage:

  • The classic mortgage loan: it allows, as we wrote above, to finance an object other than the real estate on which the mortgage will be taken.
  • The cash loan: No proof is expected in principle for the use of funds subject to the loan. However, banks and credit organizations must fight against the fraudulent use of funds and moreover do not finance in this context of professional needs.

The loan without insurance: Often for reasons of age source scriptures making prohibitive insurance, some loans are exempt.

The loan non-resident: Credit offered to the US living outside France for tax purposes. Expats are also concerned.

The foreign credit: This type of loan offers to finance real estate abroad.

The restated credit: This type of loan is dedicated to seniors.

FHMLM also offers mortgage loans in fine whose repayment can be provided by the sale of real estate. FHMLM also offers mortgages in fine not subject to the sale of real estate.

Other organizations offer mortgages over two periods. During the first, for example, 10 years, the loan is fine (you only pay interest). At the end of the first period, you repay all or part of the loan using the investment. The amount borrowed falls so much. 

Everything happens as if you had a conventional mortgage credit with payment of principal and interest.

According To Your Needs.

Beyond the examples the most common mentioned above, you can finance any object with a Mortgage Loan: a sports car, a boat, a piece of art … For example, FHMLM has funded young retirees who had the wish to achieve a donation to their daughter, repay two consumer loans, and especially finance the trip around the world they had always dreamed of.

Banks and credit institutions agree to make cash loans without justification in a few limited cases:

  • The amount of the unjustified cash is less (hardly more than 50.000 €),
  • The loan is made as a cash advance before the sale of real estate,
  • The profile of the borrower is “upscale”,
  • the need for cash for business purposes is not proven.
  • Mortgage Loan, Cash, and Borrowing Capacity

There are two basic points to understand:

  • the mortgage does not generally allow funds to be freely available, without justifying to the bank how these funds will be used,
  • the amount of your wealth is generally not sufficient to determine your borrowing capacity.

On the first point, the 2006 decree authorizing the liquidation of real estate assets to finance any object infringes on banking law. Banks and credit organizations have an obligation to fight the fraudulent use of funds. They must, therefore, verify that you use the funds wisely. However, for some “big” profiles, banks specializing in mortgage lending can lend several hundred thousand euros without justification. This is known as mortgage loan cash.

On the second, we must understand the purpose of the mortgage: finance any object by taking a guarantee (mortgage or bond) on a property that belongs to you. Nothing more. This type of credit does not exempt you from proving to the bank that you will be able to repay monthly the monthly payments inherent to the credit (except in certain cases – mortgage loan, loan in fine specific …). 

We will find together the best solutions to meet your needs.

Glossary and FAQ

The Mortgage Glossary and FAQ sections give specific information about the mortgages themselves (for example, details of what a mortgage is, mortgage in fine, mortgage rank, debt ratio …). ). 

This will allow you to be more familiar with terms often used but sometimes misunderstood. 

Do not hesitate to inform us of the information that is missing in these sections. We will do our best to add it as soon as possible.


Mortgage – Not A Myth, But A Reality – Easy Qualifying Mortgage

MORTGAGE (from the Greek hypothèke – pledge, mortgage) – pledge of real estate, mainly lands and various structures, with the purpose of obtaining a mortgage loan. A mortgage is a type of collateral, in which the pledged property is not transferred to the lender, but remains with the debtor. Under the mortgage also understand the mortgage and mortgage debt. These types of best home loans established to secure obligations under loan agreements, loan agreements, and other contracts related to the purchase, sale, lease, contract, and other relationships.

Types of mortgages

There are different types of mortgage loans. Here are some of them:

  • credit for real estate
  • Mortgage to the house 
  • Mortgage for housing
  • Mortgage to country types of best home loans 
  • Mortgage to the apartment
  • Mortgage to an apartment in a new building
  • Mortgage per room
  • Mortgage to the cottage
  • Mortgage to new buildings
  • Mortgage for the purchase of an apartment in a new building
  • Credit for the purchase of housing
  • Credit for the purchase of an apartment

Mortgage loans on the security

Most mortgage brokers provide mortgages or mortgages against collateral for various property or property:

  1. Types of best home loans
  2. loan secured by the property
  3. loan secured by an apartment
  4. loan secured by a cottage
  5. credit for real estate

In the life of every person, there are situations with which he is unable to cope on his own. One of these is the process of buying your own home. For an ordinary young specialist or an office worker, it seems almost impossible to save up the right amount. In this case, the mortgage loan comes to the rescue. The type of mortgage loan depends on different conditions. Currently, in USA there are various types of mortgage lending.

In the USA everyday life, the term “mortgage” is usually used to designate an affordable solution to housing problems. However, by definition, this loan is not only for the purchase of housing but also for the acquisition of any real estate. An important plus of acquiring real estate with a mortgage is that it becomes the property of the borrower immediately after the purchase.


Now the bank issues several types of mortgages: mortgages in the secondary market, mortgages for participation in equity construction, a mortgage to a young family, a loan for improving housing conditions.

Each loan has a number of features and is issued on certain terms. Rates for various types of mortgage lending in the USA are also different.

Features of a mortgage in these

Solving the problem of providing your own housing is paramount for many people, and getting a mortgage loan is one of the available ways that enable you to do it as soon as possible. The first step that many of us are undertaking is either to seek advice from the bank or to independently study the information on their websites. The development of this type of banking services on the one hand significantly expanded the opportunities for choice, on the other hand, it made it difficult for the borrower to take a decision on the type of mortgage that he wants to use. Quite often there are cases when the person who applied for information about the conditions of lending has no clear idea of ​​what program is interesting to him and what is their fundamental difference between them.

What To Know About Refinancing Your Mortgage

A mortgage must not be lived as a life sentence. If you want a lower mortgage rate, consolidate your debt, or tap into the capital of your home, you can consider Home refinancing. Since July 9, 2012, it is possible to refinance up to 80% of the value of your home.

Reasons for mortgage Home refinancing

1. To enjoy a lower interest rate

Do not be discouraged by the penalties, first of all, find out about the numbers. Depending on the penalty and the amount of your mortgage, breaking your contract for a lower mortgage interest rate can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you have a floating rate mortgage, expect to pay a penalty equal to three months of interest, and if you hold a fixed-rate mortgage, then you will likely pay more than the value of three months of interest or even a different interest rate penalty (IRD).

2. To access capital (cash) while staying in your home

By opting for refinancing, you can have up to 80% of the value of your home minus the value of your current mortgage. See this as a source of investment, or the opportunity to undertake renovations, or even as funds that will provide an education for your children. There are several ways to access this cash, the break-in your mortgage is one, apply for a line of credit or mix and extend your current loan are others.

3. To consolidate your debt

If you have good capital through the value of your home, you will be able to repay the high-interest rate of the debt through Home refinancing. If you have a number of debts, like, for example, a loan for the purchase of a car, a line of credit or several credit cards, you could consolidate all the debts through a variety of options available for refinancing.

Mortgage refinancing methods

There are several options available to you for refinancing; these include: breaking your mortgage contract, applying for a home equity line of credit, or a mix with extending the loan with your credit.

1. Break your mortgage contract

If you’re thinking of not honoring your mortgage, take action because to get a lower interest rate or even access capital on your home, stop your mortgage and take a new one with another institution.

2. Add a line of credit on real estate capital

A home equity line of credit gives you access to the equity in the home, the amount of which is left to your discretion. You are only responsible for paying the monthly interest according to your current balance. You can access this line of credit from your lender and a small group of other bankers.

3. Mix and extend the mortgage

Your institution can offer you a “mixed rate”; essentially, an “amalgam” of your current mortgage rate with additional liquidity that it lends you at the market rate. The weighted rates are often higher than the most competitive rates, so be sure to compare with the “breach of contract” option so you do not miss the chance to save.

Mortgage Refinancing Costs

The costs of Home refinancing your mortgage depending on the strategies you take to access a property or reduce your interest rate. Be aware, however, that whichever method is chosen, there will always be significant costs such as legal procedures for changing the title of your financing. On the other hand, the good news is that if the value of your mortgage balance is greater than $ 200,000, many brokers and/or lenders will cover this fee.

If you break your mortgage agreement in the middle of your term, access to capital or interest rate reduction will be charged by the lender through compensation for mortgage break-up or by a penalty for early repayment. Fixed mortgage rates are those that have an interest rate higher than the sum of three months, otherwise, it is the payment of the interest rate differential (IRD). Moreover, for variable mortgage rates, it is simply three months of interest that will be charged.